Our diving courses are certified by PADI, the most recognized diving organization in the world. With the PADI certificate and the card that we will give you at the end of each of the diving courses, you can enjoy this activity anywhere in the world.

If it’s the first time you dive, then try dive is your best option. Specially designed for those who have no experience and want to enjoy a day of diving without complications.

If your first experience in diving has been positive, become a certified diver and immerse yourself in the wonderful and incredible world of diving. We offer you the opportunity to obtain your certification as Open Water, this course will be your passport to the incredible world of diving.

Are you an advanced diver? This is your diving school! Not yet? Come and do your Advanced Open Water course with us in the Costa Tropical of Granada, where you will find one of the best places in the peninsula to dive.

Do you want to increase your experience, confidence and knowledge? This is your course! Learn more about the most fun, entertaining and rewarding course in Rescue Diver.

If you are thinking of getting started as a diving professional, we offer the Divemaster course.

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