The UTD Tech Diver porgramme consists of a four step process – Recreational Tech Diver (Techreational), Tech 1 Diver, Tech 2 Diver and Tech 3 Diver. These courses follow the principle of training sections. This way each diver aquires experiences during deeper dives and longer decompresion stages, in a balanced and logical progression.

On the UTD Tech diving path, divers learn to resolve simulated problems. Because it is not always possible to experience a direct ascent:  a virtual overhead (decompresion stage) simulation is used. Thess types of simulation are known as Critical Skills and their dificulty increases as the divers overcome different stages/levels:

Techreational, divers must be able to dive to about 39 metres (max 42 metres) breathing Helitrox 25/25 and decompress with a decompressing gas:  pure Oxygen. These dives incorporate a 20min (max) decompresion stage. The course duration is 3 days.

Tech 1, divers must be able to dive to about 48 metres (max. 51 metres) breathing Trimix 21/25 or Trimix 18/45 and decompress with a decompressing gas: Nitrox 50. The dives will have a 30min (max) decompression stage. The course duration: 4 days.

Levels Techreational and Tech 1 may be combined in a single 6 day course.

Tech 2, divers will be trained to dive to about 60 metres (66 metres max.) breathing Trimix 18/45 or 15/55 and decompressing with two decompressive gases: Nitrox 50 and pure Oxygen. Deco time limitation 60 minutes. The course duration is 4 days.

On the Tech 3 course, divers learn techniques to manage multiple decompression tanks during dives up to 75 metres (max. 81 metres), breathing Trimix 15/55 or 12/60 y decompressing with three decompressive gases: Helitrox 35/25, Nitrox 50 and pure Oxygen. Deco time can be up to 90 minutes. Course duration: 4 days.

*Having the UTD scooter specialty is not mandatory but advisable from Tech 2.

  • Minimum 18 years of age.
  • Completed UTD registration process.
  • Completed online course.
  • Diving certification of the direct previous level.
  • Previous evaluation from Instructor.
  • Do not smoke during lessons (advisable to be non-smokers).
  • Must be able to swim a distance of at least 15 meters on a breath hold.
  • Must be able to swim at least 275 meters in less than 14 minutes without stopping.
“Techreational, divers will be able to dive up to 39m on average (max 42m) by breathing Helitrox 25/25 and decompress with a decompressive gas: Pure oxygen.”
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