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    Gift card – Baptism

    The perfect gift for Valentine´s day, birthdays, anniversary, christmas…

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  • curso-discover-scuba-diving-la-herradura

    Discover Scuba Diving

    If you’d like to try diving but don’t have enough time or money for a full course, why not try the Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) programme?

    This programme is designed to offer a variety of dives in which you can discover the excitment of  underwater adventures – a feeling only a diver knows!


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  • Salidas Snorkel en La Herradura

    Salidas Snorkel en La Herradura

    Snorkelling in La Herradura water is an opportunity to transport ourselves into a new world.

    The best thing about snorkelling is the opportunity to observe marine wildlife in it’s natural environment – this requires minimal effort, can last as long as it is enjoyable – all without the need of speciality diving knowledge, plus it’s suitable for all ages!  Pure FUN!

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  • bautismo de buceo

    Try Dive

    Divers love to dive and share their hidden underwater paradise with their friends. How would I/you know if I/you’d like to be a diver if I/you’ve never tried?  In Spanish diving tradition a ´Try Dive´ or  ‘Bautizo’ (´baptism´ in Spanish) is when someone with no prior diving experience receives an introductory dive – allowing them to enjoy the amazing sensations normally reserved for the few – for the first time in their life. The experience is usually so impressive and positive, that the newly baptised ends up enrolling on a course to become a certified diver. Would you be able to resist the temptation?

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  • Tarjeta Regalo Discover Scuba Diving

    Un regalo especial.

    La forma más rápida y divertida de empezar a bucear.

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