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  • Salidas Snorkel en La Herradura

    Salidas Snorkel en La Herradura

    Snorkelling in La Herradura water is an opportunity to transport ourselves into a new world.

    The best thing about snorkelling is the opportunity to observe marine wildlife in it’s natural environment – this requires minimal effort, can last as long as it is enjoyable – all without the need of speciality diving knowledge, plus it’s suitable for all ages!  Pure FUN!

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  • Gift card – Baptism

    The perfect gift for Valentine´s day, birthdays, anniversary, christmas…

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  • Open Water Scuba Instructor

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  • Search and Recovery Diver

    LEARN TO SEARCH FOR LOST OBJECTS AND BRING THEM BACK TO THE SURFACE As a diver you’ll have noticed the amount of objects that are lost and lay on the sea floor. What happens if you or a friend loses something? What do you do if you need to lift something heavy from the seabed? […]

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  • Diver Propulsion Vehicle

    GLIDE LONG DISTANCES AT FULL SPEED A Diver Propulsion Vehicule (VPS), commonly known as a Scooter, is a vehicule designed to aid a diver´s mobility, allowing them to explore larger areas with mínimum effort moe rapidly.  As with other diving techniques, learning to manouver a VPS requires intruction and practise to ensure safe handling. The […]

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  • Underwater Navigator

    BECOME THE DIVER WHO EVERYONE WANTS TO FOLLOW It’s easy to lose orientation underwater. There are no sun references & few shadows. Wherever we look, the big blue surrounds us. How can I find the right way for our dive & how do we return to the boat safely? When with a guide, these problems […]

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  • Open Water Diver

    The best way to learn to dive is to enroll on an Open Water Diver PADI course,  specially designed for those who wish to learn to dive. There Is no need to be an expert swimmer or to have any previous diving experience.


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  • Digital Underwater Photographer

    LEARN HOW TO CAPTURE THE BEAUTY OF THE SEA FLOORS Are you a photography enthusiast? If you are there’ve probably been moments during your dives when you’ve wished you had a camera so that you could show your friends and family the beautiful seascapes you´ve encountered. The good news is that underwater photography is now […]

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  • Dominio de la Flotabilidad

    Probablemente el santo grial del buceo, aquello que distingue a los buceadores expertos de los que estan comenzado a iniciarse en los misterios de azul, sea el Dominio de la Flotabilidad. La flotabilidad neutra es la habilidad que todo buceador experto tiene para controlar su posición, permaneciendo entre dos aguas sin ninguna dificultad, sin desperdiciar fuerzas aleteando y por tanto ahorrando muchísimo aire. Estos buceadores se deslizan sin esfuerzo, controlando su posición en todo momento e interactuando de forma delicada con el entorno.

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