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  • bautismo de buceo

    Try Dive

    Divers love to dive and share their hidden underwater paradise with their friends. How would I/you know if I/you’d like to be a diver if I/you’ve never tried?  In Spanish diving tradition a ´Try Dive´ or  ‘Bautizo’ (´baptism´ in Spanish) is when someone with no prior diving experience receives an introductory dive – allowing them to enjoy the amazing sensations normally reserved for the few – for the first time in their life. The experience is usually so impressive and positive, that the newly baptised ends up enrolling on a course to become a certified diver. Would you be able to resist the temptation?

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  • curso-discover-scuba-diving-la-herradura

    Discover Scuba Diving

    If you’d like to try diving but don’t have enough time or money for a full course, why not try the Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) programme?

    This programme is designed to offer a variety of dives in which you can discover the excitment of  underwater adventures – a feeling only a diver knows!


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  • Open Water Diver

    The best way to learn to dive is to enroll on an Open Water Diver PADI course,  specially designed for those who wish to learn to dive. There Is no need to be an expert swimmer or to have any previous diving experience.


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  • curso-advanced-open-water-la-herradura

    Advanced Open Water Diver

    ´Advanced Open Water´ is a course structured to the aquisition of experience and knowledge under the direct supervision of an Instructor. Dives take place in Almuñécar and La Herradura, on the Andalusian coast which allows immersion to a variety of depths and open seabeds facilitating ease of movement to perfect diving spots, suitable both for existing diving level proficiencies and those aspired to.


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  • rescue-diver-la-herradura-playa

    Rescue Diver

    On a PADI Rescue Diver course you learn to manage risks & prevent problems in the water,  developing both your confidence & your skills as a diver in the knowledge that you can help others if needed while becoming a better ´diving buddy´ through the practise of problem solving until it becomes second nature.

    This course is an important step in the development of diver skills and knowledge.  Every sports  diver should aspire to the level of Rescue Diver ensuring their self sufficiency in rescue,  life saving or first aide in an emergency.

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  • emergency-first-response-la-herradura-playa

    Emergency First Response

    An Emergency First Response course will provide you with the necesary tools to aply RCP and first aid.  Diver or not, this course will prepare you to properly manage potentially life threatening situations and facilitate  aid or rescue of a colleague – or yourself if necesary.

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  • buceo-con-nitrox

    NITROX: Enriched Air Diver

    The Enriched Air PADI course has become one of the most popular and is a first option for divers who want to increase their knowledge & skills after obtaining their basic certification. It’s easy to see why.

    One of the first concepts a diver must learn from the very begining is that  Nitrogen in the air becomes dangerous when compressed by the depth and breathed-in by the diver. This Nitrogen is released into the blood stream in tiny bubbles which limit the amount of deep dive time to shorter periods (to avoid high levels of nitrogen absortion).

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  • Dry Suit

    Does diving end when the Summer’s over? Not at all!  It is actually in Winter, when the water is colder, that the sea offers us some of the best dives of the year. This is when there are fewer boats near the coast, reduced numbers of people splashing around in the water, fewer underwater fishers and all this helps sea animals come/get closer to you. Overall it´s alot calmer, more peaceful…and still very enjoyable.

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  • curso-divemaster-la-herradura


    The PADI Divemaster course is your first level of professional training. Working closely with a PADI Instructor, you will refine & build-upon your dive & rescue skills enabling you to anticipate and solve common problems. You’ll gain dive knowledge plus management and supervision skills so that you become a role model to divers everywhere.

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